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TSOT – Ruby Show and Tell Night

I was at TSOT last night with about 30 or so fellow community developers (Brent Ashly, Andrew Burke, Hampton – from Unspace, Joey DeVilla etc…) and had a blast. Its always fun to geek out with my programming peeps. Joey was MC with a quick counter rant on What Zed Said – very amusing. Andrew showed off the sign management application he has developed, Hampton gave an amusing demo/explanation on ziplocal and the pains of developing the site. There was a demo (also an unspace demo) on a site for the iphone touch – that updates you with sports scores – very nice ui. TSOT will be holding these coder show and tells on the virtues of rails development every second tuesday of the month.

Brent and I both had our Asus Eee PCs with us – see picture below – had lots of fun showing them off.
Brent and his Pink Eee


Joey At TSOT