BarCamp Toronto Tech Week

As I revel in the memories of the last Bar Camp Toronto (Toronto Tech Week) (photos) I am very inspired by what seems to take place at all of these events. We as community members have “real” conversations that often times lead to “real” action. Such as the formation of the mobile consumers & content developers advocacy organization – see the torcamp google group for info on that.

I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Ngo of and the founding investor Austin Hill from Akoha who shared with me some very intelligent ideas about how to find the right people to hire into my current startup Domainer Inc.

Its funny though, I got to thinking that all it took was a wiki entry and a few people (Bryce Johnson, Will Pate, Ryan Coleman and Dan Kurtz) to round up a space and some sponsors for food and we had a good turn out. Its very interesting that with all of the “new” technology out there all it takes is a shared piece of virtual paper to get people to come together. This begs the question of how over served some aspects of the web are? Do we really need 50 clones of myspace or flickr? Why is everyone soo intent on reinventing youtube or revver?  Are we as geeks so obsessed with control over the implementation details that we have to continuously “redo” and idea until we get it right?

I have tendency to “scrap” a lot of code because I often perceive that I could write it better the second time or third time etc. This probably is not healthy and I have taken steps to curb my abandoning ways in place of a more refactoring centric methodology. Its a little compounded by the fact that there is always a better way to do something especially the more you think about and play with a problem. I think this may be why we strive so hard for new languages and ways of working. We know what we want to express but have not found the best ways of doing it yet….

I need to find that new new thing for software development…


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